Where to live in Barcelona

Before signing and sealing my hubbie’s new job contract we palmed off the children to the Grandparents and booked a few days away to check where to live in Barcelona.

Finding a good school for our boys was a top priority and would ultimately determine where to start searching for our new home.

We visited four very different schools after doing some pretty extensive research on the internet beforehand. (I will do a post on schools at a later date as it was quite difficult to find a good source of information all in one place.)

The school that we chose felt like a perfect fit.  We knew that our boys would love it.  It also helped that quite a few of the Barcelona footy team players had also chosen to send their children there!

So, our search for properties had to be centred around Castelldefels (read about the town here).

We soon learned that property sizes were going to be a challenge.  Many Spanish town houses are quite small…not surprising when they spend so much of their time outdoors.  However, we were uprooting from a large five bedroom Edwardian home and needed to find somewhere that could fit in all of our beloved belongings.  What a challenge.  Be warned!  Always check the size details of the living space before wasting energy viewing.

Property search site recommendations:

The best places that I found online to search for rental properties (I’ll not go into the issues around buying over here right now!) were Habitaclia and Idealista.  All of the Estate Agents upload their available properties to these sites.  Often you will find the same property listed by lots of the agents (this usually means it’s been available for a while).  You can set notifications for the type of property and budget you have in mind.

Around twenty, yes twenty, properties later, we found the perfect place.  An ideal location about five minutes from the town centre, our very own swimming pool, a garden filled with lemon, orange, peach, almond and pomegranate trees, and enough room for family and friends to visit.

It is the place we will call home for at least three years and we absolutely love it.

Let me know what you think...