2018 let’s go!

Happy 2018 to you all!

I hope everyone had a lovely end of 2017 and you’re all set to crack on with the months ahead.  I reached the big 4-0 milestone in December and have already embraced this as a new chapter in my life!  I’m excited.

This year I’ll ‘officially’ start blogging.  Last year I was tying up the sale of my UK business and now I’m free to do what I enjoy the most…writing about everything I love.  I also hope to show that when you turn forty you are definitely not over the hill!

So, you’ll still find hints and tips about my Barcelona home, but also beauty favourites, skincare, styles I love and products that I (can and) can’t live without.

I hope you stick with me in this vast new world of bloggers to muse over!  Here’s to a great year ahead.

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Let me know what you think...