Flowers in Castelldefels

Finally, I have found the best flowers in Castelldefels.  When arriving in our new neighbourhood I had an uncomplicated list of things to buy to help make the place feel like ‘home’.  The first, and most complicated, on the list was to find somewhere to buy my fresh flowers.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a good florist around here.  By ‘good’ I mean reasonably priced, fresh and selling flowers that last.  Unfortunately most of the flowers I found often resembled the cheap and nasty bunches you pick up at UK petrol stations at the last minute when you remember it’s someone’s birthday, for an absolute fortune…and many of the ‘florists’ only seem to stock plants. Very bizarre.

Finally I stumbled across the flower stall at the weekly Castelldefels market.  It’s fantastic!  It’s super cheap and there is lots of choice, depending on what’s in season.

The flowers are so fresh and smell amazing.  My favourites, the lilies, have extra long stalks, although they will offer to cut them for you, which are perfect for tall vases, and last for up to two weeks.  For around 6 stems the cost is 6 euros.  Compared to the UK that is an absolute bargain

On my last trip I bought these gorgeous peonies for 4 euros.

Best Flowers in CastelldefelsI really recommend a trip.  You can find the flowers stall every Wednesday at the Castelldefels Market in Ramblas Blas Infante until 13.30h.

Tip 1 – Make sure you get there early as the good flowers go fast.

Tip 2 –  DON’T, under any circumstances, pick the flowers up by yourself (I got a firm Catalan telling off from the stall holder!).

Tip 3 – make sure you always ask the locals who is last in the queue.  They have a queueing etiquette here, which is quite ironic as totally the opposite can be said for drivers, whereby each new person has to ask everyone waiting who the last person in the queue is, “Quien es el ultimo?”

If you have a great local florist recommendation I’d love to hear from you.

Let me know what you think...