Home Maintenance & Renovations

For those who have bought their own casa, the likelihood is that you are going to need some renovations (in most of the properties that we saw when looking to buy our home, nearly all of them were super dated/old skool/yucky inside!). This means you’re going to need some GOOD recommended local tradesmen.

If you are renting then always check your contract, as many aspects are the liability of the landlord so don’t be fobbed off.

Here’s the current ‘expat list’ of tried and tested…

Volodymyr Pashchuk (Spanish speaking)
Offers all aspects of home reformation.
93 186 68 71 / 615 585 136

Marinkovic Pintores (Spanish speaking)
Painting services
697 26 00 05

Paul Ritchie (English speaking)
Electrician & Plumber

*All recommendations are based on personal or trusted expat experiences. If you think that your business should be on the list please get in touch.