Best Barcelona Ice Cream

I’ve been here a year now so I’ve definitely had the opportunity to discover the best Barcelona Ice Cream – the extra pounds I am carrying can confirm I’ve tried a few!

I certainly have my favourite place (for now anyway!).  The one that I stumbled across on our first week wandering the city as an expat.  The fantastic Gelaaati di Marco.

It’s the most amazing little place where staff serve you in black bowler hats from a range of unique and fantastic flavours, made using natural ingredients.  They also have vegan and vegetarian options

The preparation of gelato at Gelaaati is supervised by the gelato master Di Consiglio Marco, with over 20 years of experience and a great passion in making homeade and traditional gelatos.

Try my favourites –  Buono (a la Kinder Bueno taste), CIOCCOLATO E ARANCIA and Crema Catalana.

Llibreteria, 7 | Piazza San jaume, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

+34 933 10 50 45

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